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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy my images.

I’ve been a wandering creative soul all my life, an epiphany that struck me at the age of 54 while attending yoga teacher training in Costa Rica.   I grew up in Kentucky, sketching, painting and writing to my hearts content.  In my twenties I moved around the country whenever the direction of my spirit changed, attempting to make a career out of fashion design and merchandising, which really means bartending.   Neither bartending nor starving artist and poet afforded me the joy of travel or the security of bills paid, so wandering was difficult.  Realizing a new career was necessary, I went to nursing school in my late twenties; nurses can go anywhere and work.  That was 1992.

Thanks to the career change I met my husband, 20 or so years later it dawned on us that we belonged together, so here we are at happily ever after.  I retired from nursing 4 years ago and began the supported endeavor of finding my new path, a search that led me to Costa Rica for yoga teacher training, and the epiphany that occurred while there.  I did actually spend a year teaching yoga,  but my spirit was not meant to teach, and I wasn’t very good at it either.

Of course my amazing husband loves travel and adventure as much as I do, and has from his youth to present day.  Together we have enjoyed many fantastic vacations all over the world and have many more planned.

On our trips, I photographed everything, everywhere we went, with my phone camera.  Then I began asking photographers with “real” cameras, about their photographs;  how did they take that shot, what time of day was that?    I was fascinated by the artistry in the images, the composition, the perspectives.  I loved the images I was creating on my phone, but what can you do with such a tiny image? You can’t turn them into quality prints, you can only post them on the internet or look at them on your phone.

Christmas 2017 my husband surprised me with the best Christmas present ever!  A “real” camera.  I was in awe of this gesture and that camera!  So I enrolled in university classes to learn as much as possible about photography.  I took a few brick and mortar classes and then switched to internet based learning, after all, we still travel.

I’m forever a student and lover of travel and when I can combine an education with a destination, even better.  Travels for 2019 include the Canadian Rockies with which includes a photography walk with wolves at  We are also traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana,  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Key West, Florida, Lexington, Kentucky, Zion National Park in Utah and several cities in Southern Europe via  Winding up with an adventure and wildlife shoot with grizzly bears during the salmon run in Alaska with

My images can literally be enlarged to wall/poster size with beautiful detail and resolution.  A picture reminds us of a time in our lives, an adventure, an experience.  Remembering a journey every time you pass a beautiful image in your home is a rewarding gift to yourself.   Why not treat yourself, or a loved one, to a beautiful image from a destination you dream about, plant to visit, or have already enjoyed.

Prints or digital images of anything you see on my website or my instagram feed, or @angieshehane.portrait, my Facebook page Angie Shehane, are available in a variety of sizes, papers, canvas, or metals; simply direct message me or contact me via email, with a request and I will return a quote for the piece.

Bon Voyage,


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