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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy my images.

I’ve been a wandering creative soul all my life.  I grew up in Kentucky, sketching, painting and writing to my hearts content.  In my twenties I moved around the country whenever the direction of my spirit changed, attempting to make a career out of fashion design and merchandising, which really means bartending.   Neither bartending nor being a starving artist fulfilled my love of travel and adventure, nor did it pay the bills in the big cities I found myself in, so I went back to college and became a registered nurse.

Fast forward 25ish years,  and I’m blessed to be a well-seasoned soul, experienced in both the joys and the traumas of life.  My days of nursing are behind me, as are my days of being a solo/single parent, and my days of facing life’s struggles and joys, alone.   Today I am a happily married woman, partner to a loving and generous soul, a proud and beaming parent to a genuinely kind, intelligent, talented, twenty-something young man and fully appreciative of the realization of my dreams as a creative soul.

I was recently honored to win first place in the Cashman Pro Photo photography contest for General Scenic Category, Spring 2019.  The winning image is a red and white beacon/lighthouse off the coast of Germany and can be found here on the website.

Travels for 2019 include Calgary, Alberta, and Banff Canada with which includes a photography walk with wolves at  We are also traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana,  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Key West, Florida as independent shoots. We are very excited to visit and shoot in Venice, Rome, and Sicily, Italy, 3 cities in Greece, 2 cities in Croatia, Monaco, Barcelona with throughout the summer and Alaska for a wildlife shoot with t

I shoot with a 42 megapixel Sony a7RIII camera body and G-Master lenses,  the images can literally be enlarged to wall/poster size with beautiful detail and resolution.

I would love to photograph you, your family, your loved ones, here in Las Vegas, NV, or possibly, at a location of your choosing. I would also happily decorate your walls with a landscape, seascape, sunset, sunrise, or nature print.

Prints or digital images of anything you see on my website or my instagram feed, or @angieshehane.portrait, my Facebook page Angie Shehane, are available in a variety of sizes, papers, canvas, or metals; simply direct message me or contact me via email @ with a request and I will return a quote for the piece.

Peace Y’all,


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